Products and Markets

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Sustainable Stimuli for the Development of Products

The simultaneous consideration of market needs together with financial, environmental and social aspects leads to a broader perspective. E2 supports companies in developing and marketing new products and services on different levels:

  1. Enhance existing products through new services
    Through actively providing information on the environmental and social aspects of existing products, the confidence and satisfaction of existing and potential customers can be strengthened. Reputation risks are reduced. For example, the company Held AG communicates the environmental benefits of its detergents and cleaning agents based on life-cycle analysis results, and distinguishes itself from its competitors through production free of genetic technology.
  2. Product innovations with integrated environmental and social performance
    On the basis of environmental and social analyses, product enhancements with a high sustainability effect are aimed for. As a result of environmental workshops, Canon (Switzerland) developed the first fax machine with energy management (97% less electricity consumption). Furthermore, thanks to the newly developed "SURF" printing technology, Canon was able to halve the electricity consumption of its photocopiers and printers.
  3. Products lines with a sustainability focus
    The company Baer AG has distinguished itself already since the 80s based on an environmentally-oriented corporate strategy through bio soft cheeses and convenience products.  A further example is Coop, a large distributor who has offered a bio and eco product line in Switzerland since 1993. Nobody expected that their turnover would reach well over 1 billon CHF after just 10 years.
  4. Push into new product / market areas
    The cooperative Mobility developed a completely new product/market area through 'Carsharing'. Today, their services are used by over 50’000 people in Switzerland. A further example: Ernst Schweizer AG, a leading metal construction company, applied their technological experience with aluminium windows in order to successfully develop a business area offering products for the integration of photovoltaic cells on roofs.