Sustainable Organisational Development

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Companies from all sectors are increasingly facing stronger pressure from competitors: greater efficiency and innovation are required. In addition, social and environmental aspects are gaining in importance for clients and for securing profitability.

A company can only realise these demands if its processes and the corresponding organisational structure are further developed according to these challenges.

Together with top management, E2 initiates a sustainable organisational development which has broad support and is continuously effective with regards to content and approach.  Revisable targets for change are formulated during a constructive discussion based on the expectations resulting from the environment, strategy and culture of the company as well as from its management and employees. We do not resolve conflicts of interests in this way, however, we use them to develop sustainable strategies, structures, procedures, competencies and behaviours.

Together with you we determine indicators which substantiate the targets for change, measure the current status and make its optimisation revisable. The changes are designed by all participants during workshops and tailored training sessions under the professional and goal-orientated moderation of E2.



Through the inclusion of all parties, we can achieve the greatest possible willingness for change, motivate employees to act for their company and enable all participants to continue the process independently. Thanks to the indicators, you are able to judge the change and the extent to which the targets have been achieved. In this way, the desired improvements are not only activated but also reliably implemented.