Convince and Involve within the Company

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With E2’s experience and competence, it is possible to develop environmental and social management into powerful instruments for improving market position.

Only if supported and implemented by the entire company, can an environmentally oriented strategy turn out to be successful. To this end, E2 has developed innovative communication and learning techniques. For example, the groupwork technique "Workmat" supported 2000 executives of a multinational technology corporation in motivating their employees for new environmental and economic objectives. This technique was further developed within the scope of the Swiss "Energy 2000" programme.



Communicate with External Partners

Through the external communication of sustainability aspects, a company's standing with various interested parties can be improved. E2 has experience in the area of organisational communication regarding sustainability aspects. E2 has either prepared or supported the completion of over two dozen environmental and eco-balance reports. Together with experts, E2 developed the criteria for a sustainability label in tourism. Thereafter, E2 secured the direct communication with an environmental organisation for professional arrangements and marketing cooperation.


Experts on Indicators and Reporting

The level of environmental and sustainability reporting has continuously progressed. E2 has collaborated on a number of guidelines and standards, such as:

  • the VfU guidelines for financial service institutions
  • the environmental performance indicators for the financial industry (EPI-Finance 2000)
  • the further development of the Global Reporting Initiative indicators in the SPI-Finance 2001 project.