E-Learning Course on Management of Corporate Sustainability

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E2 has developed a two hour e-learning course on "Management of Corporate Sustainability" together with the University of St. Gallen and the Swiss Virtual Business School. Co-authors of the course are Prof. Dr. Thomas Dyllick and Oliver Schmid-Schönbein.


The online course will raise awareness amongst management for the challenges and opportunities of corporate sustainability and supports managers in implementing sustainability strategies in their companies.

Have a look at the demo version of the course or download the info brochure. The course can be accessed online here.



What does the course cover?

The course supports companies raising awareness for the challenges of sustainable development, analysing risks and opportunities for their business, developing a sustainability strategy and implementing it in daily business. The course focuses on the following main topics:

1. The concept of corporate sustainability

2. The business case of corporate sustainability

3. The analysis of your company

4. Putting corporate sustainability into action

In the analysis section it will allow for a sector specific analysis of the risk and opportunity exposure of your company.


How can the course be applied?

The course serves for training middle and top management. It can further be applied:


  • In internal training and education programs
  • Spreading the news among your business partners
  • In a blended learning approach within courses on sustainability management at educational institutions


It is also possible to develop an even more company customized version based on certain chapters of the course.