Frontrunner Projects: Staying ahead

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Next to being a sustainability management consultancy, E2 has specialised in composing projects for the further development of sustainability management.

These E2 frontrunner projects have the following characteristics:

  • E2 often launches these projects and motivates a group of companies to jointly develop innovative solutions.
  • 5 to 10 frontrunner companies participate and finance the project, and thereby share the project costs.
  • E2 acts as project manager, consultant and author of project reports.
  • The results are not only used by the project participants, but are often also made available to the public.


E2 Frontrunner Project Project Participants Project results
11 Financial institutions from Germany and Switzerland

- A set of environmental performance indicators on products and management for financial institutions

10 Financial institutions from 6 countries in Europe, Australia and Africa

- A set of social performace indicators for financial institutions

- A sector supplement to the GRI 2002 Guidelines

The oe-plus association for sustainable development in alpine regions and a group of innovative hotels, the Swiss "Regio-plus project

- A sustainability certification system for hotels including social, environmental, regional and economic criteria

VfU Indicators Update 5 Financial institutions from 3 countries

- Indicators on internal environmental performance for financial institutions (revised 1996 VfU indicators).

Public draft documents now available at